“Everybody’s Got Demons…”

When a high profile politician makes a controversial speech on immigration reform, he soon finds himself in hot water with his Mexican-American mistress and awakens a dark entity that, until now, has walked undisturbed alongside her.

A brand new short thriller/horror film is scheduled to hit the internet this Summer!

Val-en-tina (10 min), was written by Carlton Byrd and Jaquita Ta’le, and directed by Araeia Robinson, and is set to premiere online July 1st.

The first short film from new production company Baby Green Byrd Productions, founded by Byrd and Ta’le, Val-en-tina was inspired by #DumpTrump and the mythic tales of La Malinche and La Llorona. The film creatively confronts culturally relevant intersectional themes of politics racism, and immigration with a sardonic and tongue in cheek P.O.V.